Anouar Association
جمعية انور

The Anouar Association is a nonprofit organization that has been working for the poor on various issues since 05 January 2007. Anouar Association, under the Chairmanship of Mohamed Dekkak, has been doing this work to increase awareness amongst the people about various issues.

The Mission

The mission of Anouar Association is to serve underprivileged children as well as uncared for elders. It strives to offer sustenance to poor children and helpless elders. Despite being an Arab organization, it does not confine itself within the boundaries of the Arab world. If need be it can help children and elders in other geographies too. It has taken up a mission. The Mission is to help poor children and adults becoming self-reliant so that they don’t get sucked into the chasm of modern society. Indeed there is a chasm in the modern society. The chasm is between the old conservative views and the modern view of living. It is as much between the older and the younger generation as it is between the societal views cherished by these two generations. This is leading to the degradation of society. Families are falling apart and elders are becoming exposed to the harsh outside world. There are times when there is no one to care for elders in families. What do such elders do? How do they sustain themselves? These are the questions that disturbed the mind of Md. Dekkak. This is the reason that he founded the Anouar Association. However, children are a big part of the works of Anouar Association. In fact, uplifting the condition of poor and underprivileged children is the main work of this association.

In order to serve poor children and underprivileged adults, it focuses on several areas. It strives to help elders and children in areas like Education, Water, Health, Sports Activities, Sustainable Development, Community Development, etc. With this aim, it has already raised money for building a school for children.

Destitute children and elders also need healthcare and development. This is why the Anouar Association focuses on healthcare and sustainable development. Sports activities are an integral part of healthcare. So the organization helps and supports poor children to engage in sports.

In order to bring the change on a massive scale, you need to work for community development. Communities need to be taken up in clusters and provide with all the resources and encouragement. This can have an all-round effect on helpless elders as well as poor children in the community. Seeing poor children grow up to be self-reliant and responsible citizens of tomorrow is a joy. Mr. Dekkak is really enjoying it.

The Vision

The association believes that there is potential in every child. You just need to nourish it to let it bloom with all the colors. You just need to stoke the desire burning inside every poor child and elder. They will take care of themselves. Encouragement and motivation can go a long distance in realizing this potential. The association strives to impart good education and healthcare to nourish the potential of these children.

There are elders in the sociality who need care and sustenance. These elders may have fallen out of favor with their family members. They may even be rendered helpless due to financial condition. Either way, they need succor. The Anouar Association can offer the much-needed succor to them. They also need a means of sustenance. So the association strives to help them earn a living for themselves. The vision is to help these helpless elders and poor children with voluntary help, fundraising with an objective and by supporting them. It has a wide base of volunteers and running projects. There are 6325 volunteers who are happy to help these poor children and helpless elders. In all, they have 22 years of experience in implementing such projects. There are a whopping 5750 projects. Presently, around 275 projects are undergoing in various aspects.

You need to bring about a societal change in perception towards families, children and elderly. To do this you need to bring about a change in perception about various issues among people. The annual association is doing just that. There are societal issues due to which families are falling apart and elders are becoming helpless. Many of these children are either becoming recluse and are becoming aggressive. This can have serious repercussions in the future. That is why the association wants to help poor children and elders and involve them in sustainable and community development. Modern society does not care much about these children. These children may ultimately bring the much-needed change in the societal outlook.

Modern ways of living and other practices are breaking families apart. In such families, children are often at the receiving end. Elders too are helpless in geographies around the world. Both changing family values and pecuniary compulsions are to be blamed for negligence and abuse of elders by their children. Elders also need to be provided with means to support themselves. That is why the association helps poor elders by providing these elders with some kind of livelihood.

However, in its continuous pursuit of good for the underprivileged children, it has not only founded schools but has also been active in motivating the children in these schools. It provides gifts and study aids to these children.

Children are the future of every geography and the Arab world is no different. This is why they need to be given proper training and education so that they can grow up into fine human beings.

All said and done, building schools and getting engaged in such a wide range of activities is not easy. You need a big investment for that. This is why they are asking for a donation from everybody.

Apart from this they also undertake community development programs and sustainable development programs so that the number of underprivileged children and elders come down.