Initiative Jeunesse Bienfaiteur Soualem
مبادرة شباب فاعل خير

جمعية تعمل في مجال التنمية المحلية وتمكين الشباب وتقوية قدراتهم وفي مجال الرعاية الاجتماعية. تأسست في حد السوالم سنة 2013.

Our vision

  • Our association works on promoting collaboration and cooperation among young Moroccans by spreading the culture of voluntary work in the country.
  • The association is willing to be a leading institution in the field of social welfare and sustainable development through creativity, originality, and professionalism.

Our objectives

  • - Mitigating the effects of poverty and social vulnerability among disadvantaged groups.
  • - Rehabilitation of young people to engage them in training centers.
  • - Socio-economic integration of youth through creating entrepreneurships.
  • - Promoting the economy of solidarity by supporting social entrepreneurship.